Acro Dance TST Training

Subiaco Teen Choreography Dance Class

About Acro Dance T.S.T. Training

Want some targeted time to really focus on improving your core strength, flexibility, and acro dance technique? Do you need support practising at home, or want extra time practising with a teacher’s supervision? This is the class for you!

Suitable for existing Acro Dance students (beginners are recommended to check out our Saturday Acro Dance classes first), this class will hone your technique further and give you the opportunity to practise under the guidance of our experienced staff. We all know that practise makes perfect, and extra training time will boost your skills and help you reach your goals even faster – master new tricks, build your strength, and spend even more time perfecting the tricks and techniques you love most!

For this class, we recommend you are an existing WAPS Acrobatic Arts syllabus student who can perform the following skills in a consistently and technically sound manner: bridge, straight-over/handstand bridge, bridge kick-over, cartwheels on both sides.

What to Wear

Comfortable but form fitting clothing is best. Crop tops, singlets, tanks tops, form fitting t-shirts, leggings, jazz pants, boyleg shorts, etc. Bare feet are fine for this class.


Find out more about the class schedule, term dates, costs, and enrolment options by visiting our Timetable page.

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