Dance Choreography Masterclass

Subiaco Teen Choreography Dance Class

About Dance Choreography Masterclass

Suitable for beginner-to-intermediate adult dancers, Dance Choreography Masterclass gives students the chance to learn a new, fresh routine regularly throughout the term. An excellent compliment to more skills-based classes, the Choreography Masterclass focuses on improving dancers’ retention of choreography, exposes them to an ever-changing range of dance and choreography styles, includes improvisation activities and training, as well as helping students develop their own choreography skills – ideal for those looking to craft their own performances, find out more about the world of professional choreography, or even enter own-choreography sections in dance competitions!  

What to Wear

Comfortable, form-fitting clothing like leggings and shirts. Bare feet are fine for this class. Hair should be tied back neatly.

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