Burlesque/Tease-o-Rama Entertainment Packages


Burlesque, Tease-o-Rama Entertainment Packages

For a saucier option to entertain an over 18 yr-old crowd, this theme may be the perfect choice. Sexy yet classy, this show combine elements of both vintage and neo Burlesque, with comedy and striptease. Suitable for both males & females, the show is all about glamorous costumes, extravagant acts and the classic art of tease. There will be no nudity involved, just light-hearted saucy fun! If necessary this theme can be tailored to be more mild and conservative, just contact us to discuss your requirements!

Duration of the show is generally 1 hr long, however it can be extended or shortened as per your entertainment and budget requirements.

For more information and to see what different variations you can have with this show, please contact us today.

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