Frequently Asked Questions

View our frequently asked questions below, or feel free to contact us

– Can I trial a class?

Yes, one-off trial classes are available for most classes for $15. These must be booked in advance and students must complete a registration pack. Please contact us to find out more!

– Can I watch a class before I join?

Yes, most classes are available to view – contact us to find out when you can drop by!

– Where are you located?

We are located upstairs at the Western entrance of Lords Recreation Centre in Subiaco. Please click here to view a map and directions. Due to ongoing development in the local area, we’ve found that some GPS systems can lead people astray, so we do recommend following our directions, or contact us for more information.

– Do classes run on public holidays and long weekends?

Yes! Classes run throughout the term, even on public holidays, pupil free days, or long weekends. Kids and teens classes do not run on school holidays, whilst adult classes do. You can view term dates for the year online on our timetable page.

– What styles of class do you offer?

We are proud to offer a wide range of dance classes, as well as classes in music, acrobatics, and drama. Check out our classes page for more information.

– When are fees due?

All tuition or registration fees are due in full prior to the commencement of the first class of term. Statements are sent electronically prior to the commencement of term. Should you ever have any queries about your account or payments, please contact us.

– How can I make payment?

Payment can be made 24/7 online via our student portal system using direct deposit (see our account details on your statement, or contact us), credit card or paypal (a surcharge applies). Alternatively payment can be made in person during reception hours before the commencement of your class via cash, EFTPOS or credit card (surcharge applies). Please note reception is not staffed all day on Saturdays though teachers may be able to assist you with urgent payment enquiries.

– Do you offer discounts for students taking multiple classes?

Multiple class discounts are available for students enrolled in multiple ongoing group classes (they are not available for private lessons or short courses).

Students taking 2 classes receive 5% off tuition.

Students taking 3 classes receive 7% off tuition.

Students taking 4 classes receive 8% off tuition, plus their fifth class of equal or lesser value is completely free!

Students taking six or more ongoing group classes at WAPS qualify for our Unlimited Class Pass, and pay a capped tuition rate each term. For children the rate is $699, and for adults (whose terms do not stop for school holidays) the rate is $899.

Find out more about discounts or tuition on our timetable page.

– Do you offer casual classes for adults?

Adults are able to book in for “drop in” casual sessions (please contact us for rates and availability).

Alternatively, students can register with WAPS ($30 Annual Registration fee applies) and purchase either a 5 Class Pass ($110), or a 10 Class Pass ($190).

Class Passes are valid for six months from the date of purchase, and allow casual entry into any of our ongoing group classes that are not at capacity. Contact us to find out more or purchase a class pass card.

– Do you offer casual classes for kids or teens?

Casual classes are not available for children’s classes, to ensure stability and educational continuity for all students and staff. If you need to pre-advise us of a long-term absence, please feel free to contact us.

– Do I need to re-enrol each term?

No! To make things simpler for families, WAPS automatically re-enrols students in their classes term-by-term, with statements being sent out a week or two prior to the commencement of the next term. If you wish to cancel your automatic re-enrolment or make changes to your enrolment for the upcoming term, please contact dance@waps.com.au to make arrangements early, so that we may open up your place in a class to students on the waitlist for the next term. Our timetable does not change from term-to-term to ensure consistency for all families. If there should be any adjustment to the timetable for a new term, all affected students will be contacted with plenty of notice.

Due to changes in classes and student ages and levels from year-to-year, there is no automatic re-enrolment from one year to the next. Once the next year’s timetable is released (usually mid December), students will need to select their new classes for the coming year using the enrolment portal, or by contacting dance@waps.com.au.

– Can I stay and watch classes?

Yes, most classes allow parents or guests to stay and watch, however please note that to maximise student achievement and enjoyment, there are expectations around guest behaviour in the studio.

Please silence all phones and iPads, and keep conversation to a low volume. Parents are welcome to photograph their child in class but please remain in the viewing area and off the dance floor as only registered students (no siblings) are permitted on the floor at any time during or between classes. If younger siblings are unsettled or becoming distracting for the teacher, students or other studio guests, please remove them from the studio and return once they are settled.

Please be sensitive to the needs of our students and staff, and cooperate with staff if you are asked to lower your volume or settle a crying infant.

Studio 1 and 2 users are welcome to sit on the mezzanine (just adjacent to the studio door) where they can relax and watch our neighbours and friends Peak Trampoline. The Lords Cafe (downstairs, near Studio 3/Court 9) is open during most of our classes and is licensed, with free WiFi available. Parents and guests are welcome to grab a coffee and return to collect children after classes.

– Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, private lessons in dance, music or drama are available depending on age and availability. Please contact us for rates and bookings.

– I need to drop my child off and then leave – are children supervised during classes?

Yes, kids and teens classes are supervised by a staff member at all times, and all children under 9 years of age must be accompanied to non-adjacent toilets by a staff member or the child’s parent. We encourage parents to assist us by discussing with your child how to manage their movements between classes, or what to do if you are running late to collect them (we suggest children remain with us to watch the next class while they wait, and advise a staff member if their parent may require a phone call).

– Term has already started, is it too late for me to join?

No! WAPS allows enrolment at all times of year, and midterm enrolments are billed pro rata for the remainder of the term’s fees only (plus your Annual Registration Fee), not for weeks that have already taken place. To enquire about joining us midterm, please contact us.

– What should I wear to classes?

You may check individual class pages to find out specific requirements however generally these guidelines are in place for most classes:

– Comfortable, form-fitting clothing that is safe to move in for your particular class type
– Most dance classes can be taken in bare feet, or specialist dance shoes. Please note restrictions on “rubbers” on tap shoes, as per Tap Dance class pages, or contact us for more information.
– Please note restrictions on footwear in studio 1, including no “rubbers” on taps, loose screws, stilettos, or marking soled shoes.

– Am I too old, unfit, or inexperienced for this class?

No! All are welcome at WAPS!

Children’s classes are split into appropriate age groups, and some classes are further streamed according to level. Please contact us if you’re unsure of which class is most suitable for your child, and remember you are welcome to watch or trial (see above).

Adult’s classes are split according to levels and all ages from 18 to 99 are welcome! Beginners classes are suitable for true beginners, whether you’ve never danced before, or not danced since childhood. Intermediate streams are available for those ready for a harder challenge, or with more prior training. Dance classes do include a cardio warm up and stretch, and are a wonderful way to gently increase your weekly exercise. Remember that at WAPS you’re welcome to watch a class, or book a trial (see above), and that our staff are used to welcoming new students at all times of year.

– Does your studio offer examinations?

Optional exams or mock exams may be available in some styles of dance or music depending on class interest and availability. Participation and registration fees do apply. Contact us to find out more.

– Do all students have the opportunity to perform onstage?

Yes! As professional performers ourselves, we believe performance is an integral part of dance, music, or theatre studies; and we provide unique and engaging performance opportunities accordingly. All students are welcome to participate in our end of year concert, though this is optional. Concerts are divided into age groups and held in state-of-the art venues with professional production values. Parents are not required to assist backstage or sew costumes, but can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

– Does your studio offer tour opportunities?

Yes, WAPS has had the privilege of twice being specially invited to participate in the Dance Excellence Festival (Los Angeles), and other unique touring opportunities will be made available in future. For more information or to register your interest, please contact us.

– Are performance or competition troupes available?

WAPS believes that performance should be open to all! For those students looking to push themselves to the next level and explore public performance or competition, Troupes are available.

WAPS offers performance troupes, which participate in exciting community, corporate and public performance opportunities at festivals, fairs, televised events, and more.

Competition troupes also perform at public events, though they focus primarily on competing at dance events around Perth (usually in school holidays).

Entry into troupes is strictly by audition or invitation only, and there are high level pre-requisites expected for the skills, technique, and commitment of every troupe member.

To find out more, visit our Troupes information page.

– Does your studio follow any syllabi?

Yes, many classes follow a core syllabus or curriculum. Depending on age, a number of classes may follow the syllabi below:

Tap Dance: ISTD
Modern Jazz: ISTD
Ballet: RAD
Acrobatics: Acrobatic Arts
Piano/Music: AMEB
Music: Kodály Pedagogy