About Fast Track: Open Intermediate/Senior Dance & Acro Training We all know the value of practising at home, but imagine if you could practise under the guidance of your instructors, with plenty of room to move, and access to specialist equipment just for dancers and acrobats! Get ready to fast track your performance with our open dance & acro training sessions at WAPS! Fast Track students will be supervised and […]

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The WA Performance School is proud to be an Acrobatic Arts Syllabus studio, but what exactly does that mean? Our accredited Acrobatic Arts coordinator Sarah Rutherford, along with other Acrobatic Arts certified staff Stella, Cameron and Keeley, monitors and plans the syllabus content of all of our acrobatic arts classes for kids, teens (and even adults!), ensuring content is taught consistently and safely to students. Acrobatic Arts gives students the […]

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