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Concert 2013

2014 – Once Upon A Time
December 7th, John Inverarity Music & Drama Centre, Hale School

What an amazing day – the performances were outstanding. You should be very proud of having put on a very professional, enjoyable show. Credit to the performers of course but you and your amazing team did a fabulous job. Please pass on my thanks and compliments to your team.
Thank you very much

Congratulations to all those involved in last nights performance.
It was a amazing and to see that many talented people perform was wonderful.
It was our first concert and T was blown away and can’t wait until next year.

Just a short note to say how incredibly impressed I was with today’s Junior concert.
No doubt the logistics required to produce such a seamless event would have been huge from sourcing the costumes, ensuring each child was dressed and ready on time, the tight routines, communicating expectations to parents, coordinating the rehearsals etc etc. I commend you and your staff for such a professional and enjoyable production. No doubt the senior concert was a success too.
My daughter only joined her tap class mid way through term 3 yet from day one she was made to feel at ease and encouraged to perform in the concert despite an obvious lack of experience. Her teacher Sarah was so gorgeous in making her immediately feel like she was an important and special part of the class.

The concert last night was amazing! Everyone should be immensely proud of themselves.

Thank you so much for a wonderful concert my mum and I really enjoyed it. My daughter loved being a part of it. What a well organised and structured concert.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic concert WAPS put on last night.
So slick and all the costumes, performances, lighting and music etc were wonderful.

Thank you so much for all your effort with the concert. It was fabulous and all the girls have come a long way since last year. The costumes were amazing too.
Can’t wait to see what you do next year in Comp Troupe.

May I say, this years performance was thoroughly entertaining…a real credit to all at WAPS to put on a show of that calibre.

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