Fast Track: Open Intermediate/Senior Dance & Acro Training

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About Fast Track: Open Intermediate/Senior Dance & Acro Training

We all know the value of practising at home, but imagine if you could practise under the guidance of your instructors, with plenty of room to move, and access to specialist equipment just for dancers and acrobats!

Get ready to fast track your performance with our open dance & acro training sessions at WAPS! Fast Track students will be supervised and given targeted feedback and corrections by our experienced staff each week, as well as having access to tumble tracks, gym mats and specialised acro equipment, turning boards, stretch bands, foam rollers, pilates balls and yoga blocks.
The Fast Track training session allows intermediate and senior aged students to further polish the skills and techniques they have already learned during their classes – ideal for those looking to give their performance a serious boost and smash their goals even faster!

What to Wear

Comfortable but form fitting clothing is best. Crop tops, singlets, tanks tops, form fitting t-shirts, leggings, jazz pants, boyleg shorts, etc. Bare feet are fine for this class.


Find out more about the class schedule, term dates, costs, and enrolment options by visiting our Timetable page.

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