Get Fit, Make Friends, Reduce Injury, Decrease Stress – All Thanks To Dancing!

Get Fit, Make Friends, Reduce Injury, Decrease Stress – All Thanks To Dancing!

Boost Fitness, Make Friends and More With Dance

Whilst traditional team sports are a great way to get young children physically active, it may not be the right choice for your toddler… Does your little one smile and sway to music, perhaps clapping their hands and jumping around? Do they like to roll around on the floor and leap through the air? Perhaps a dance class is the right activity for your child! We’ve answered some common dance questions below to help you out!

Do dance classes have any benefits?
Yes! Dance classes have a wide range of physical and mental benefits for your child. Dance is a fun activity that will help increase fitness levels, improve posture, flexibility, and strength for your child. It also helps develops creativity, discipline, social skills, independency, and focus! Specifically for toddlers, dancing improves their overall coordination and helps them to make sense of how their bodies fit into their surroundings. Dancing for young children helps to set the foundation for a very active childhood filled with all different types of movement!

How can I be sure that dance is the right activity for my child?
Dance classes are for absolutely anyone! Whether your child has two left feet, or is already twirling around the kitchen, a dance class is a great activity choice for your young child. Here at WAPS, you are most welcome to trial a class at a special trial fee before deciding to enrol. That way, you can be sure that your child fits perfectly in the class!

What type of dance is best for my child?
Many young girls start their dancing with ballet classes, usually because they dream of one day being a prima ballerina! But there are so many different styles available to young dancers. A good way to determine which style is best for your child is to show them the different types of dancing and seeing which best holds their interest. You could do this by taking them to concerts or performances, or even watching classes at a local studio. At WAPS we have ballet, acrobatics, and jazz/funk/hip hop for dancers under 5 years old!

Starting dance classes is an exciting experience for both children and their parents! Here at WAPS, we try to make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Talk to us today about starting your little dancer in class!

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