About Contemporary/Lyrical

A creative, interpretive and free-flowing style combining both ballet and jazz technique to produce beautiful and expressive routines. The style has been popularised by programs such as “So You Think You Can Dance”, growing in recent years to become one of the dominant styles of dance in the US and Europe.

Contemporary and Lyrical dance often feature narrative or thematic choreography, requiring dancers to express emotions and incorporate them into their performances. This style combines beautiful and strong ballet technique with creative floorwork and modern music. Contemporary and Lyrical dance are a great accompaniment to ballet classes, teaching dancers how to use classical technique to extract meaning from routines.

What to Wear

Fitted top and bottoms preferred (sports top, leotard, tank top, ¾ or full length leggings or boy leg shorts with tights). Jazz sneakers or blochs preferred. Class can also be taken in socks or barefeet.


Find out more about the class schedule, term dates, costs, and enrolment options by visiting our Timetable page.

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