Advanced Singing Troupe

Advanced Singing Soloist 2014Are you a passionate singer looking to get more experience performing onstage at a range of events, as well as mastering the good technique and variety of repertoire necessary to become a professional-level vocalist? The WAPS Advanced Singing Troupe may be for you!

Students are required to attend weekly rehearsals at WAPS Subiaco. You will learn repertoire from a range of genres and will work on exercises to develop your technique and help develop your voice so you can really achieve your best. You will learn to control your breathing, diction, posture, pitch, reading, presentation, and work to improve and develop the tone and quality of your voice. If you are considering applying for secondary or tertiary courses in voice, musical theatre, or music education, this troupe will help give you the boost you need, with targeted vocal training (excellent when coupled with private lessons), experience onstage in many different contexts, help with audition prep, and more. You will be guided by an experienced vocal instructor who holds a tertiary qualification in vocal studies as well as a wealth of experience performing and teaching.


The WAPS Advanced Singing Troupe is open to students from 17 and under. Singers should be committed, reliable and dedicated, and willing to participate in external performance opportunities.


In order to join the WAPS Advanced Singing Troupe, members must be enrolled in WAPS group Vocal or Musical Theatre classes, or private Vocal classes. Entrance to the troupe is by audition or invitation only. Students must be committed to attending classes, rehearsals, and performances, as well as practise at home.


The Advanced Singing Troupe performs at a wide variety of events, both on television and live onstage. In the past our students have performed at public & community events (Peter Combe’s live show, Subiaco Craft Fair, Expresstival), televised events (Foxtel’s The Couch, Telethon, etc), plus students may be given the opportunity to perform at private and corporate events as featured entertainers. The nature of these events requires performers to be punctual, rehearsed and professional representatives of WAPS. There may be extra transport and costume costs involved for students participating in external performances.