Pro Performance Troupe dance for sell-out crowd with Peter Combe!

WAPS Performance Troupe with Peter CombeCongratulations to the wonderful dancers of our Pro Performance Troupe for their amazing performance on the weekend as back-up dancers for iconic children’s entertainer Peter Combe. The girls did an excellent job entertaining the sell-out crowd and added a lively and energetic atmosphere to songs such as Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, Quirky Beserky the Turkey from Turkey, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, Newspaper Mama and more!

They not only performed well – with excellent retention of choreography learned over just 5 weeks, but they demonstrated flexibility when faced with last-minute changes, perfect concert & backstage etiquette, and boundless enthusiasm both onstage and off. We hope they inspired the next generation of performers!

Big thanks must go to Peter Combe for inviting us to perform for him – it was a pleasure!

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