Term 2 goes out with a bang!

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Term 2 at WAPS has been an absolute blast! Many of our students participated in the fantastic televised Westcoast Fever flash mob event, wowing crowds with their talent and teamwork! Our Performance Troupes have participated in a range of events, from cheerleading at sports games to the Lucha Royale variety show, and it’s been wonderful to see students old and new working so hard to represent the school! During Term 2, some of our classes held in-class performances for their friends and family, demonstrating the results of their hard work in dance, music, and theatre throughout the term.

The last week of term also saw a visit from Nicole ‘Lamb’ and Phillipe from SYTYCD! The duo hosted two incredible Hip Hop workshops for junior and senior dancers, which were packed out with enthusiastic students and members of the public. Lamb and Phillipe are successful dancers and choreographers, having worked with some of the biggest names in the dance and entertainment industries, and it was a fantastic opportunity for WAPS students to meet and learn from these passionate and talented professional dancers.

Thank you to all the students and parents of WAPS for all their hard work and dedication this term! After the two week school holiday break, we will be back on 23rd July for Term 2 (don’t forget to enrol!). Please remember that adult classes won’t stop for school holidays – kids’ classes only!

Keep an eye out for more WAPS news and exciting opportunities!

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