3 Ways to Customise Your WAPS Souvenir Concert T-Shirt


We are excited for our first Souvenir Concert Shirts to arrive in-studio!
If you’re looking to customise your shirt’s fit, consider the three ideas below which require absolutely no sewing…

Just remember:
– This can be your uniform next year, so try not to make alterations that make it uncomfortable or unsafe to dance or move in.
– Do not customise your shirt so that your cleavage or midriff are exposed, or you will not be allowed to wear it for the concert finale and it will not be suitable as a uniform next year.
– Do not cut into the design on your shirt!
– Please only try these minor customisations, do not cut any further into your shirt, or add fringing or other elements, for uniform and for safety reasons.

Our tip: You can practise on an old t-shirt at home before trying these on your new Souvenir Concert Shirt, as we cannot replace or refund shirts that are damaged in the process of your customisations – be careful, and ask an adult or family member for assistance if you require it!
Be careful.. Any changes you make to your shirt are permanent! Keep in mind that if you choose to alter your shirt, you may need to be more careful with washing and drying it in the future.

You can check out The WA Performance School Concert Hub at www.waps.com.au/concert (you will need this year’s password to access the hub for your age group), and you can always contact dance@waps.com.au if you have questions or need help.

If you have not ordered a souvenir t-shirt, remember you need to bring your own plain black t-shirt for our concert finale (as per our Packing Lists & Concert Pack 2). You can always try these customisations on your own plain black shirt too!

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