Learning from home is fun, familiar, and a great way to stay active and creative when you can’t attend classes in person! To help you learn from home even better, our teachers have put together their top recommendations for DIY dance & music resource alternatives. 1. Ballet Barres Ballet Barres provide vital support for students performing certain ballet skills. They allow students to maintain their balance while focusing on technique (they’re […]

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Want to achieve the splits, or improve your weaker splits? Read on, and join us in the studio! This is a special one off workshop for students looking to achieve and utilize their splits! In this fun workshop you will be working on left, right, and middle splits, including fun variations and new ways to use them. You will learn correct warm up technique, specialized stretches for your hamstrings and […]

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The WA Performance School is proud to be an Acrobatic Arts Syllabus studio, but what exactly does that mean? Our accredited Acrobatic Arts coordinator Sarah Rutherford, along with other Acrobatic Arts certified staff Stella, Cameron and Keeley, monitors and plans the syllabus content of all of our acrobatic arts classes for kids, teens (and even adults!), ensuring content is taught consistently and safely to students. Acrobatic Arts gives students the […]

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