5 Reasons to try Ballet as an Adult

Whether you’ve never danced in your life, or are thinking of returning to it after a long break, you’re not alone! We regularly hear from adults who would love to try ballet, but are held back by roadblocks often of their own making.

Whether you’re concerned you’ll end up in a leotard being told off by the stern ballet teacher of your childhood, or whether you’re worried that your lack of experience will single you out, we can assure you there’s a class somewhere that’s right for you! Still need convincing? Check out our top five reasons to stick with your dreams and try ballet as an adult, below:

Intermediate Adult Ballet at WAPS

1. It’s great (and enjoyable) exercise

Professional ballerinas make it look so very easy, but we can assure you that some aspects of ballet can be physically demanding. Learning ballet will help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility and general coordination, without setting foot in a gym! Every WAPS adult ballet class starts at the barre with basic exercises that, whilst low impact, will still have your legs, back and arms feeling strong and looking toned in no time. In the centre of the floor, you will practice skills such as turns, jumps and leaps. – but don’t let those things intimidate you! After learning the correct technique to handle the impact, your knees and ankles will thank you in everyday life!

Ballet students onstage with WAPS

2. Build your confidence with new friends

Learning ballet will help improve your posture and your general body awareness, helping you stand tall, carry yourself with confidence, and feel great about yourself! Speaking of confidence, we know that making friends as an adult can be intimidating at times; here at WAPS, we’ve seen many friendships blossom after sharing a Fondu at the Barre (not the same as sharing a fondue at the bar!).

Performing ballet onstage with WAPS

3. Mind racing? Slow down and switch off

Do you find it difficult to relax, wind down, and clear your mind? Us too! In a ballet class, you’ll need to stay focused on remembering your steps and what your arms, legs, hips and head have to be doing. It’s a great way to reconnect with your body and with music, practice some positive mindfulness, plus you won’t have a chance to think about what Karen said in the break room at work three days ago.

Adult Ballet performance with WAPS

4. Ballet encourages your creativity

Many of us enjoy expressing our creativity through creative hobbies or activities; whether it’s macrame, sketching, ceramics or oil paints, there’s growing evidence that regularly participating in a creative activity can benefit your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Ballet promotes a beautiful connection to music and movement – after an hour’s lesson you’ll feel refreshed, energised and inspired – probably moreso than after an hour at the gym. You may even find that trying ballet gives you the confidence to try other styles of dance, or that you even enjoy choreographing and performing your own routines using the skills and techniques you have learned!

WAPS Advanced Ballet students performing at Westfield Whitford City

5. Tutus!

We’ve saved the most fun reason for last! Have you ever dreamed of putting on a big pancake tutu, some satin shoes and dancing around like a star? Of course you have!

At the end of every year, studios like WAPS give all students (including adults) the opportunity to live that dream onstage! WAPS concerts are held in a state-of-the-art auditorium complete with professional lighting and sound facilities – they are even filmed and photographed by industry professionals, so you can keep your beautiful concert memories forever (our concert photos in this article are a great example!). The sense of pride and achievement you gain from performing are unbeatable and addictive, but of course, if you’re not interested in performing onstage, most studios (including WAPS) should still welcome you with open arms. At WAPS, performance is entirely optional, and you can still enjoy the end of year concert with front row seats to cheer on your new ballet class friends!

At WAPS, we offer various levels of tuition for adult ballet students, regardless of your experience:

– Absolute Beginner Package:

Join both the Foundations Ballet class and the Beginner Ballet class and receive a 5% tuition discount, plus a full 90 minutes of training each week on the very basics of ballet technique, terminology, and exercises. Ideal for those who are brand new to dance or ballet.

– Beginner Class:

Wonderful for those who are brand new to ballet, or are returning after a long break. With a range of exercises designed to boost your skills and technique in a fun and pressure-free environment.

– Intermediate Class:

For those with more experience, this class boosts your skills and fine tunes your technique with more difficult exercises and choreography.

Contact us to find out more about class options – you can join us any time, so don’t put off your dreams any longer!

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