A Parent’s Perspective: End of Year Concert

What does the concert mean to you? As parents, end of year concerts can range from exciting, to nerve-wracking. Our team member and “Music Mum” Alessandra shares some thoughts on this special time of year.

At the time when our end of year concert is at the front of our mind absorbing every waking minute of staff, students and parents – at WAPS and at so many other dance, music and performance schools across the state/country it is worth reflecting on what such a performance represents for our students, their families and their instructors.

Many benefits are easy to spot and well documented: don’t our children develop or strengthen their self-confidence at the end of their performance when they see the smiles and hear the applause of their teachers and families?  Haven’t they overcome their fear and their anxiety to perform in public the pieces they have worked so hard to put together and then polish during the long months of training? And don’t they learn that it was all worth it in the end and will not the excitement in those final moments motivate them to continue working hard for more achievements in the future?

As a “music parent” I not only recognise these benefits but am also in awe of the young persons who develop and flourish through these performances. But I also wonder if I am the only parent sitting in the auditorium on the edge of my chair with my stomach in knots, hoping to have managed to hide from my young performer my own nervousness and my relief that it won’t be me standing on that stage in front of the audience. Will the children realise how nerve-wracking the job of the audience is? Or will it only be when they will become parents of performing children themselves?

And there is my lesson, my chance as a parent to benefit from the end of year concert. I have supported, clothed, fed, driven, funded, encouraged, exhorted, reminded, learned with and sometimes even nagged; but now my job is done and it is time to let go and let my child, the teacher and the entire class show me their best in the way that will make them shine as a whole team for the satisfaction of all participants. What will make me enjoy this end of year concert will be seeing all the children just giving it their best.

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