Interview: Miss Lauren on Learning High School at Home

We asked Miss Lauren to share some advice she had for teens in home school. Check out her fantastic tips below, and if you have some to share, why not contact us and contribute to our next article?

High school can be hard, even when things go to plan! Are you struggling finding yourself suddenly learning at home? Finding it hard to manage your time for schooling and dance lessons? I myself completed distance education throughout my high school years while studying dance full-time, and learnt some ways to maximise my home learning experience. The experience taught me how to get everything done efficiently, so that I still had free time to do other things I enjoy. Today I’m sharing eight tips to improve your home learning experience.

1. Set an alarm
So… you’re thinking now that you’re at home you can sleep in for longer? Just because you are home schooling, doesn’t mean it’s sleep in time! You will manage your time and commitments better if you get up and start the day like you would usually if going to school. Set an alarm and get ready to jump out of bed!

2. Brain food

It’s important to have a really good breakfast to fuel your mind and so you can concentrate really well doing your home work and studying. Some of the best brain foods include: oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, green tea, nuts, blueberries, protein shake, flaxseeds, chia seeds and fruit. Eating well will help a lot, and you won’t start the day hungry or exhausted.

3. Get organised

It’s good to get organised before you start working. Something that would help me was making sure I had a clean and calm space. If you are studying in your room for example, keep it tidy. You want designated space for all your learning materials, so you can see everything clearly. Clear space, clear mind! Make sure you have everything you need with you and ready to use. This will also save you more time if it is all ready to go.

4. Turn off your phone!

I for one know that my phone can be one of my biggest distractions. Maybe you’re on TikTok and you’re thinking just one more, just one more… and two hours later you’ve done nothing but watch and make TikToks! Trust me: save it for your free time. Keep the phone away and just focus on your studies. 

5. Recess and lunch time

At school you have recess and lunch time. Set yourself times to do the same at home instead of taking multiple breaks. Decide when it is best to have a fifteen minute break and then another half an hour break. Drink plenty of water and eat good food so that you aren’t getting too hungry whilst studying. You will get more done if you focus for a few hours at a time rather than multiple breaks.

6. Get ready for dance

Give yourself a bit of time before you start your virtual WAPS lessons on Zoom. Clear your homework away and keep it all organised for the next day. Then get changed,  and get your dance space ready. Make sure you have water ready and any household items you may need for your online lesson (check your Class Google Drive for any homework or notes from your teacher). Maybe if you are ready early you can start stretching and warming up!

7. Cool down

Cooling down after class is important for muscle recovery. If you have a foam roller or a tennis ball even better! Spend 10-15 minutes cooling down. Do some meditational breathing if you feel like it as well.

8. Free time!

Now that you have completed your studies and dance lessons, it’s free time! Go nuts on TikTok and Netflix, you’ve earned it!


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