Online Classes

Online Classes Now Available at The WA Performance School

Why Join Online Classes?

We are proud to offer our exciting weekly online classes for all students due to the government’s COVID-19 isolation recommendations! The swift addition of online classes to our weekly schedule has meant that existing students’ tuition continues throughout the year without interruption. It also allows brand new students to join us online from the safety and comfort of their own homes – no matter how far they live from Subiaco! Online lessons allow students of all ages to stay active, be creative, and remain connected to a warm and dedicated community of performing arts students and teachers. Apart from offering quality tuition, feedback, extension and learning; WAPS online lessons help make isolation a little less isolated.

Enrol now, or read on to find out more about online lessons at WAPS.


How Does it Work?

Our virtual classrooms are quick and easy for enrolled students to access. The steps to join us online are simple:
– Download the Zoom app on your preferred device 
– We will send enrolled students the link to their class

– When it’s time for your class to start, simply log in and attend!

The process is easy and quick, and our admin team are on hand to assist with queries. We provide step-by-step guides, videos and other resources for our students if you need extra help.


What You Need

You’ll require a device such as an iPad or laptop that is able to access the Zoom app (or a browser if you prefer). You will need an internet connection capable of average download/upload speeds (if you can watch Netflix, you can take our online classes!).

You can take your lessons at home in your living room, garage, patio or any other space with some room to move. All lesson content has been adjusted to account for a smaller space. You won’t need a huge space to travel in, and most of our students and teachers are participating in weekly classes within regular homes or apartments. We recommend a minimum of 2 square metres for most classes.

If you’re interested in more information about learning online during isolation, check out our blog which contains tips on setting up a learning area, homeschooling kids, how to connect your TV to your laptop, and even discussions on what to expect from online learning!


Why Now?

Starting online lessons in dance, drama or music can feel like a big step, but it doesn’t need to be an inconvenient one. Our staff are used to having new students join us at any time throughout the year, it’s never too late to join. What better time than now, to learn that new skill you’ve been putting off?

Our students (and teachers) feel wonderful after weekly classes – they’re a wonderful way to stay active, maintain positivity and good mental health and socialise with others! 

We are grateful that our students’ education can continue uninterrupted, while many sports and activities are forced to close. The opportunity to learn from the best instructors, in the comfort of your home, is a wonderful to share. Plus, no more traffic, travel time or distance to cover!

Being stuck at home means that regular commitments and and social occasions are few and far between. Online lessons each week are an excellent way to maintain some structure for kids, adult students, and entire families.

We know that our families are all in very different situations at home – to extend those looking for more to work on, we’ve made available a library of original and high-quality supplementary resources. From videos to worksheets, to TikTok challenges and warm up lists, there’s plenty of support available! This also helps students who need further support practising concepts and skills covered in online classes. 


What do our Clients Say?

“Thank you so much for providing the virtual classes during COVID-19 lockdown… It not only provides an activity for our children  but a way to maintain some sense of normality and routine in this unsettling time. Your dedication to the students is greatly appreciated.  It is a great way for them to maintain some skills, connection with their dance community and of course have fun!!”

“I think we would be in deep dark depression if we couldn’t continue with dancing during COVID-19 lockdown.  It’s so important for the girls to continue to have this creative outlet as everything else seems to have “closed up” for undetermined lengths of time.  We look forward to our weekly interactions and hope to see your smiling faces in person again soon!”


How to Join Us

WAPS has always allowed enrolment at any time of year. We welcome new students every week, even midway through the term!

If you are ready to enrol, click here to register an account on our portal. If you’d like to find out more information, check out our FAQ page or contact us at