Q&A with Triple Threat Jamie Papanicolaou (UK)


WAPS is lucky to have Jamie Papanicolaou joining us all the way from the UK for a series of special workshops in the July holidays

What inspired you to become a triple-threat performer?
When I was very young, my Nanna took me to see a performance of a show called Brigadoon. I think I knew, even at that young age, that I wanted to be like those people on the stage.

What are some of the most memorable shows in which you’ve performed?
​One of my favorite shows I’ve performed in is ‘The Sound of Music.’ After the West End run, it traveled all over the world. I played Rolf, and so I got to swing my partner round the stage in our duet in some amazing venues! Another favorite is when I played Peter Pan, because nothing beats flying above the audience’s heads every night!

Jamie performing in Peter Pan

Do you have any advice for aspiring musical theater performers?
​Firstly – come along to my Musical Theater class! And also, be like a sponge, and soak up all the training you can. Be determined, committed, work hard and enjoy your talent. Musical Theater is great fun, but if you want to do it for a living you need to have tenacity and always work to better yourself.

What can we expect from your winter workshops in musical theater, jazz, hip hop and lyrical/contemporary?
​I’ve got some amazing routines that I’m really excited to teach. In Hip Hop class I’ll be teaching a routine from a real music video, and in Jazz and Lyrical, we’ll learn some of my own choreography. It will be a super friendly environment, but I’ll also push your dancing skills with routines that are challenging and rewarding.

Who was/were some of your most inspiring teachers during your training?
​I was taught ballet by a lady in her 70’s, who could still develop her leg higher than all the students! She was very strict, and had some very unconventional ways to make you learn, which would probably all be banned these days! But she was also encouraging and very good at nurturing talent. I hope I can bring the same energy to my classes – but without cigarette burns!

We are so excited to have you coming on board to teach our Senior Glee classes next term, what can your students expect in their weekly classes?
​I have so many things up my sleeve that I can’t wait to start working on with you all. We’ll be learning a huge variety of great Musical Theatre repertoire, brand new drama games, and exercises to challenge you, but most importantly, to extend your skills and help mould you into a great performer!

Be sure to catch Jamie in our upcoming School Holiday Workshops teaching Musical Theater to students fro 7-17 years, and intermediate/senior Hip Hop, Modern Jazz and Lyrical/Contemporary.

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