Finishing year 12 feels like the end of an era – but how can you stay connected to the activities and community you love, and continue to achieve success and opportunities as a performer? A while ago, our manager and music specialist Sylvia Sippl was asked to return to her former high school to give a speech during the specialist music programme’s year 12 graduation ceremony. Given no restrictions on […]

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Do you want to join a troupe or compete but find yourself frustrated or not getting the results you want? Read our top tips for some easy changes to make that will help you achieve your goals! Do you ever feel like your teachers may not be recognizing your potential? Chances are, your teachers are not deliberately holding you back (that’s the opposite of what teachers aim to do!), but […]

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Whether you’ve never danced in your life, or are thinking of returning to it after a long break, you’re not alone! We regularly hear from adults who would love to try ballet, but are held back by roadblocks often of their own making. Whether you’re concerned you’ll end up in a leotard being told off by the stern ballet teacher of your childhood, or whether you’re worried that your lack […]

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As performers, we pour our heart and soul into every routine, piece, or scene that we perform – we spend so many hours each week training and preparing for our performances! One of the most valuable things we can do as performers is to share our gift with others, whether they be friends, family, teachers, classmates, paying ticketholders, or members of the wider community. At WAPS we are proud to […]

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Our team has just returned to Perth from an exciting trip to Los Angeles – find out more in our wrap-up post! In April 2019, over 20 WA Performance School dancers of all ages jetted off to attend the Dance Excellence weeklong international event in Los Angeles, California! WAPS was honoured to be invited to attend twice in two years (high praise from organisers!), for a full week of masterclasses, […]

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Want to achieve the splits, or improve your weaker splits? Read on, and join us in the studio! This is a special one off workshop for students looking to achieve and utilize their splits! In this fun workshop you will be working on left, right, and middle splits, including fun variations and new ways to use them. You will learn correct warm up technique, specialized stretches for your hamstrings and […]

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About Stella Hui Stella Hui is an established professional performer, choreographer and teacher, and 2016’s Optus MyBusiness Australian Businesswoman of the Year. With over 20 years of dance and performance experience, she has performed and choreographed for corporate functions, public shows, large festivals, launches, TV commercials, music videos and more, both nationally and internationally. As the director of one of WA’s leading entertainment and production companies, Azure Entertainment, Stella is […]

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About Dance Choreography Masterclass Suitable for beginner-to-intermediate adult dancers, Dance Choreography Masterclass gives students the chance to learn a new, fresh routine regularly throughout the term. An excellent compliment to more skills-based classes, the Choreography Masterclass focuses on improving dancers’ retention of choreography, exposes them to an ever-changing range of dance and choreography styles, includes improvisation activities and training, as well as helping students develop their own choreography skills – […]

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About Fast Track: Open Intermediate/Senior Dance & Acro Training We all know the value of practising at home, but imagine if you could practise under the guidance of your instructors, with plenty of room to move, and access to specialist equipment just for dancers and acrobats! Get ready to fast track your performance with our open dance & acro training sessions at WAPS! Fast Track students will be supervised and […]

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The WA Performance School is proud to be an Acrobatic Arts Syllabus studio, but what exactly does that mean? Our accredited Acrobatic Arts coordinator Sarah Rutherford, along with other Acrobatic Arts certified staff Stella, Cameron and Keeley, monitors and plans the syllabus content of all of our acrobatic arts classes for kids, teens (and even adults!), ensuring content is taught consistently and safely to students. Acrobatic Arts gives students the […]

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